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Protect Your Home

Until now home camera security systems have been out of the reach of families and small business due to cost. Retailers have offered budget systems but the quality has been less than acceptable.
Digital systems brings to the Australian market technologies used by government.

Protect Your Business

Protect your assets, staff and your margins, businesses tend to upgrade their CCTV system once an incident occurs and they realise that their security is inadequate. That's too late. Old camera systems of even a few years of age are inadequate.

Products For The Trade

Our customers have told us that they were looking and are happy to have found Digital Systems Network Australia.
Digital Systems Network Australia are not too big not to care, but big enough to buy in bulk and pass on the savings.

We combine our security systems with customizable

automation solutions to meet your needs


Security On The GoManaging and Monitoring your security from anywhere in the world!

  • 24hr Monitoring over the Internet Anywhere & Anytime
  • iPhone, Android, PC & MAC
  • Stay protected by knowing what is happening
  • Have Peace Of Mind
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Why people choose Digital Systems?

Choosing a security solution is one of the most important decisions you will make.