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How To Stay Safe

How To Stay Safe at Home is one of the biggest questions asked today.

It’s not about locking your self up inside the doors and not answering the door bell when some one rings it.
There are ways to Stay Safe and bellow we are going to list some very “Skilled Up” ways in staying safe so that you are protected in the best way possible. Although this point can most likely be the most expensive, it by far has one feature that no other product below has. This is being able to access your home at any time on any day. complelty free of charge, from any mobile phone, tablet or computer around the world.

Let us break it down into “7 Easy Ways”.

1 Purchase & Install a good quality Surveillance Camera System around your premises

Installing a good quality Digital CCTV system is adamant. Old Analogue systems are now becoming redundant as there poor quality is just not good enough for today’s smart thieves. Having a good quality high definition Digital CCTV security systems can can help you in many ways on how to stay safe at home. With high viability of good quality crisp images in both day and night.

2 Get a Security Alarm Installed

A security Alarm is one of the most installed security devices in most of the houses all over Australia. With several alarms if not all alarms having the functionality of connecting “Back To Base” which technically means back to a security monitoring room with 24 Hours 7 Days a week consistent monitor of your alarm. The security monitoring room detect when your alarm is on, when it has been turned off and you can also have times that a building must be armed or disarmed. The security monitoring personnel will call the user “You” if you forget to activate your alarm.

3 Install Window Shutters

Installing window shutters is another great way of how to stay safe. Protecting the home during the day the night and when you are away on holidays. The windows and Doors are locked. They provide protection from the harsh Australian elements, and act as an effective deterrent against intruders.

4 Install A Security Door

Screen doors can give you peace of mind that your home is safe and sound when it is locked. They are an unwelcome sign for thieves. Safe for your children when you want to leave the main door open to get fresh air. A lot of security doors today have one way vision which also means it gives you privacy as well as security.

5 Buy a Dog, Regardless if your back yard is big or small

A Dog is a good deterrent whether your dog is small or large any dog bark can be very frightening. Especially if your fences are high and you are not able to see over them.

6 Install a High Colorbond Fence

There are a lot of different makes and styles of colorbond fences that you can purchase, but purchasing a high end tamper proof colorbond fence can protect you and your families privacy and personal belongings especially if your fences are very high and thieves cant see beyond your premises.

7 Install Photoelectric Beam Sensors

Installing Photoelectric Beam Sensors in a house residence sounds like an over kill but allot of residence are doing it now a days to protect their family before an intruder steps in and around the perimeter of the premises. The three available Photoelectric Beam Sensors are: through beam, retro-reflective and diffuse. The basic function of each is to detect the presence or absence of objects, or measure distance to the object. You can also connect Photoelectric Beams to IP Cameras and in doing this you can automate other systems to trigger when the Photoelectric Beam has detected a human.
Photoelectric Beam Sensors