Digifort Software

Digifort Software is Distributed by Digital Systems Network Australia and is recognised as Official Australian Distributor.

Digifort is an open platform VMS (Video Management Surveillance Software) working to increase the security of its clients, supplying surveillance tools of high reliability. Performance and ease of use. Digifort is now not only a digital camera surveillance system, but a complete solution for management of cameras, automation and access control, thus providing the complete solution for the security needs and automation of its clients. The software is designed with the purpose of offering total compatibility, with a great variety of IP Cameras of various brands and also makes use of devices such as analogical cameras and video servers.

Digifort is available in 13 different languages and continuously growing. It allows virtual matrix, the method of sending /controlling cameras on the monitor/ video wall. It can be used for public displays, video walls or simply to send a camera view to the operator.

The software has a friendly graphic interface based on Windows and display of screens, functions, menus, help windows and manuals in the chosen language and is also available in 4 versions to meet the needs of the market.

Digifort is available in 4 editions:



Latest Releases Version 7 With Great new features read below to find out more.

This version is the most complete and powerful solution of digital monitoring with unlimited support of simultaneous cameras, using multi-streaming, multi-user, multi-server, multi-site, multi-language and multi-codec environments. Digifort Enterprise is one of the most complete versions of the Digifort software System and is considered one of the most advanced and enterprising software solutions for monitoring security in the market.

Ideal for any security solution offering from small to large-scale solutions in companies, organizations and government that seek to satisfy their corporations needs with a high-technological product.

New Version 7 release is a new product with many new features that has hit the world market with a bang.
The licenses from prior versions are not compatible with v7. Although, If you have Digifort licenses from v6 or prior versions please contact us for more information about an upgrade.

Compatible with:

Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 2008 / 8 / 2012, 32 Bits & 64 bits