Rackmount UPS2200VAXCRM Line Interactive Tower UPS – 1800W

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2200VA Rackmount Line Interactive Tower UPS - 1800W UPS2200VAXCRM

The UPS2200VAXCRM is a line interactive uninterruptible power supply with a max capacity of 2200VA / 1800W. This UPS will protect your connected electronics from overloads, overcharges and ESD, while also providing a short-term battery backup for your security system in the event of a power outage. The UPS2200VAXCRM can provide backup for eight Australian 3-pin devices.

The UPSVAXCRM series is rack-mountable, and is best used to provide protection and backup to other electronics in the installed rack.

• Ideal solution for protecting small servers, networking devices and peripherals.
• Assures service continuity to critical applications.
• The space and time-saving tower/rack conversion option means it can be installed easily either in tower mode or inside standard 19” rack cabinets depending on the user’s needs.
• No configuration needed on first startup.
• Compact footprint (2U/89 mm) for installation in rack cabinets.
• USB port and HID protocol as standard for direct interfacing with Windows systems®, without the need for additional specialist software. Protection for your data line
• Integrated RJ45 protection for LAN/ADSL connection against the risk of data line overvoltage.
• Load segmentation function to prioritize loads and manage critical situations.
• EPO (Emergency Power Off) emergency stop.
• RS232 advanced connections for the management of the power supply and local/ remote shutdown of applications.

*Requires a 15A mains connection

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