4-Zone 8-Speaker Pack with 8-Inch In-Ceiling Speakers Carbon Cone CS809x4A1006

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8 x 8" In-Ceiling Speakers Plus 4 Way Speaker Switch Package
This custom designed package from Selby Acoustics is great for setting up an in-ceiling speaker system for your home theatre. Coupled with the 4 Way Speaker Switch, you'll be able to run all 8 speakers from one speaker cable to your amp. The switch also enables you to isolate or listen to all pairs of the 8 speakers at once.

This is ideal for configurations where you want to play audio signal from one amp to separate locations in your house like your home theatre and outdoor entertainment area. With this package you can easily isolate 4 speakers set up in your home theatre for listening to your amp or isolate just 2 speakers attached to your amp that are located in your outdoor entertainment area.

This package would also be ideal for shops or offices where you may want to play announcements or music through 8 speakers over an extensive area. The possibilities are endless!

Installing these speakers into the wall or ceiling will save you space and the 4 way speaker switch will make it even easier to keep track of your audio cables.

Package Includes:
8 x 8" 150W Home Theatre In-Ceiling Speakers
1 x 4 Way Speaker Cable Selector Switch

8" In Ceiling 2 way Speakers
Its all about lifestyle. Large speaker enclosures in rooms sometimes look aesthetically untidy and not to mention speaker wires being stuck to the walls and architraves trying to hide those messy cables. Inwall and ceiling speakers are a beautiful alternative that look fantastic and sound exceptional. No more messy wires.

Sometimes known as architectural speakers, these 8" 2 way speakers utilise the wall or ceiling cavity to create a smooth bass response with exceptional higher tones and with the styling of this speaker your home will be the envy of you friends. It features a carbon compound cone with a rubber edge and a single swivel dome tweeter  These 30mm silk dome tweeters produce better sound quality compared to the 25mm versions commonly found in cheaper models designed for inwall or ceiling applications

- 8" Woofer with Compound Carbon Cone with rubber edge
- 20 oz magnet with 1" voice coil
- 30mm Swivel Silk Dome tweeter
- Impedance: 8 ohms
- Power: 150 watts maximum
- Frequency response: 100Hz - 20kHz
- Actual Dimensions (mm): 275
- Cut Out Dimensions (mm): 240 x 102 D

4 Way Speaker Cable Selector Switch
This switch allows four pairs of speakers to be run from an amplifier with only one set of outputs, or four pairs of speakers from the one speaker cable. The switch allows you to listen to one pair, two pairs, three pairs, or all four pairs at once! The spring clip terminals accept speaker cable up to 16 AWG.

Impedance switching built into the unit ensures the minimum impedance seen by the amp is 4 Ohm (if using 8 Ohm speakers), no matter how many of the pairs of speakers are switched on. See chart below.

Impedance Chart
Switches on (impedance):
- 1/2/3/4 (8 Ohm)
- 1+2 (16 Ohm)
- 1+3 (4 Ohm)
- 1+4 (4 Ohm)
- 2+3 (4 Ohm)
- 2+4 (4 Ohm)
- 3+4 (16 Ohm)
- 1+2+3 (5.3 Ohm)
- 1+2+4 (5.3 Ohm)
- 1+3+4 (5.3 Ohm)
- 2+3+4 (5.3 Ohm)
- 1+2+3+4 (8 Ohm)

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