7x 6.5″ Angled 2-Way Glass Fibre Ceiling Speaker 100 Watts 8 Ohms XD6205B White

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7 In-Ceiling Speakers Supplied.
It's all about lifestyle. This pack of 7 surround sound speakers is perfect for reducing the clutter in your home entertainment set-up. No messy wires and a slim profile allow you to focus on the quality of sound produced to bring the movies to life in your own home.

Angled Cones
This range of in-wall and ceiling speakers look fantastic and sound exceptional. This model features angled cones/drivers, which really project the sound out towards where you want. Note that when installed, the angled speakers look the same as other ceiling speakers, it is only the inside parts that are angled. If you wish to use in-ceiling speakers for your surround sound home theatre system, this angled speaker are perfect for your front speakers (front left, front right, center). The angled cones project the sound to where you are sitting, while regular in-ceiling speakers (ones that point straight down) would be perfect for your rear speakers.

In-Wall and Ceiling Speakers
Large speaker enclosures (floorstanders, bookshelf speakers) can take up a lot of space and sometimes look aesthetically untidy (not to mention the tangles of speaker wires running along your floor and walls). Sometimes known as architectural speakers, In-Wall and Ceiling Speakers are the perfect alternative that look fantastic and sound exceptional. And no more messy wires! This speaker utilise the ceiling or wall cavity to create a smooth bass response with exceptional higher tones, all in a compact, discrete and stylish design.

Glass Fibre Cones
The cones on these speaker is constructed from a glass fibre material. This is often found in higher-end speaker models, and is suitable for most uses. A smart choice if you are after that better sound quality. We also stock these speakers with polypropylene cones, which produce a slightly different sound that some people prefer.

2-Way Speaker
This 2-Way speaker, features a 6.5" glass fibre cone with a 1" (25.4 mm) aluminium pivoting dome tweeter.

Bridged Tweeter
The tweeter is isolated from the woofer, which provides more accurate sound reproduction.

Front Adjustment Switches
Two switches on the front of the speaker (hidden behind the grill) allow you to make adjustments to the bass and treble levels to achieve the sound you want.

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