Benefits of Digifort

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Benefits of Digifort:

Digital Systems breaks down the benefits of Digifort, as it is a product that is carefully developed with the most advanced technology.
The purpose of offering greater quality in software, surpassing the expectations of clients and offering customized features for the most diversified types of applications.

Digifort concentrates on the now and the future, not the past.


Digifort currently has more than 90 manufacturers worldwide and more than 1,450 camera models integrated into the system, allowing the user, complete freedom of choice of hardware without feeling trapped in a particular manufacturer.

Digifort also offer a wide variety of products that help the user in system administration, such as full automation and Alarm System, Licence Plate Recognition, Module Based, Intelligent Image Analysis, integration with any system of Access Control, Biometrics - Finger Print Recognition, CRM, ERP, Software Management of Cities, and many Others. Digifort also have a special module called Digifort Evidence, which allows the the user to record, through police reporting, the events of the monitoring process, classifying them and allowing the positive issuance of reports and charts.

Digital Systems Support Team is very well prepared to serve you whenever needed, helping in the Design, Ask Pre and Post Sales Questions any solution is possible with this Enterprising Open Platform Software.

Freedom of Choice

The Digifort system is offered in 4 different versions, offering sets of features compatible with any type of installation and offer support for a large number of IP Cameras and Video Servers of various manufacturers, allowing the client to choose the most adequate hardware and software set for their installation.

Native Remote Access

All versions of the Digifort are natively developed in Client / Server architecture, which allows total access to the system. Whether you are monitoring or configuring the server, this can all be done remotely, from any place in the world.

Scalable Solution

The Digifort System allows you to grow with your needs. The licensing of the system is done according to your needs. The licensing is done via packs which allow your installation to expand in units of at least 2 cameras. All of the versions also support access to multiple servers, increasing even more the over all solution.

Better Usage of Disk Space

With the recording of images by events and by detection detection of movement you can store the images of greater importance, maximizing the usage of space disk.
The Digifort System also has intelligent disk management which allows the user to choose the period (Days / Times) of storage of images by camera, dynamically and automatically managing the disk effectiveness.

Specialising in:



High Performance

The Digifort System is developed with Multi-Threading technology to take advantage of all the power of the new Multi-Core processors. This technology allows all processors to be used to its full potential, by both the server as well as the clients, offering the best performance for the over all solution.
Digifort supports acceleration by DirectX, which uses the processing power of the robust video cards which are available in the market, to get the best quality video images possible.

Integration of Alarms

The Digifort System offers a sophisticated process of integration of alarms, which allows the use of inputs and out puts of IP Cameras and Video Servers.
This also permits the use of alarm boards, developed specially for this purpose, with IP communication, allowing the centralized control from the head end of Digifort.
Making management of your security project a total breeze.
* Available only in Digifort versions Professional / Enterprise

Technology of the Future

The IP concept is the fastest growing technology and will be used in almost every integrated systems around the world, thus guaranteeing that your investments of today will be kept and preserved tomorrow.


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