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Digifort Android

Digifort Android is a mobile client for the Digifort system. With Digifort Android you can access your Digifort server and view in real time your cameras, as well as have control over all your PTZ cameras, trigger alarms and events and use the virtual matrix, sending the camera you're currently viewing to any monitor available on the system.
Digifort Android Client is compatible with version or higher.


Digifort Android Features:

  • Remote live viewing of images
  • Allows user to select the resolution, frame rate and image quality
  • Allow's connection to multiple Digifort servers simultaneously
  • Live viewing of multiple simultaneous cameras
  • Allow activation of alarms and events remotely
  • Control PTZ cameras with two different controls: Standard and Joystick
  • Send a camera to any monitor on Digifort Virtual Matrix
  • Allow user to share (E-mail, Facebook...) the image of a camera
  • Has favorites list for fast access to most used objects (Cameras & Alarms)
Important: This app will not work on all Android mobile devices. The minimum operating system version is Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 and the device must have an ARM v7 processor with support for NEON (Basically, devices launched in 2012 and later). This app is not yet compatible with Intel processors.

Digifort Android Image:


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