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Digifort Desin Tool

The Digifort Design Tool was specifically developed to meet the needs of the Digifort Software, this web tool will help you determining the best hardware for any given project.
It will allow you to determine:

  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Storage Capacity
  • Storage
  • How many servers are required for any given job.
  • The best Hardware on the market to build the server you need
  • Calculations based on Motion detection, continuous recording & image processing done from either the camera or the Digifort Server.
The calculations are generated from the results obtained through our benchmark tool, which tested several models of servers and processors to get the most accurate results possible.

Once you have inputted the data, we cross reference the information with all our hardware that we have been testing in our factories and through third party Testing labs. The tool will then calculate from the conditions entered, the best hardware results.

By using the Digifort Design Tool, you will receive information such as:

  • Number of servers (in case you need to divide the total number of cameras)
  • Processor to be used
  • Memory size and configuration
  • Disk space (Storage)
  • Operating system
  • Hardware for surveillance client (Workstation)

You will also receive a list of Digifort License Part Numbers, making it easy to order when the time comes.
This tool will help everyone who needs to scale servers to work with Digifort Software.

Please view the design tool by clicking the below image.


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