Digifort DGF-EN1164-V7 Enterprise Licence Pack For 64 Channels

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Digifort Enterprise Version has unlimited capability and is built to handle anything.

The robust Enterprise version is the package that comprises all of the features and functions available by Digifort.
Offering elite total management of unlimited cameras and alarm devices, and is ideal for any company that wants total control of its over all security projects, guaranteeing the highest performance, reliability and scalability. The options and choices are endless.

Digifort Enterprise allows the use of most model IP cameras and video servers of various manufacturers around the world, thus making it an open choice of freedom when it comes to selecting a brand camera and its specialties.

The Digifort Enterprise version was developed for the purpose of preserving the clients' investments, maintaining all of the characteristics of the previous versions allied with new and exclusive features in this bullet proof high end advanced verison. Providing the most powerful and scaleable solution for future, with no limitation of software features.

Digifort Enterprise is recommended for medium, large-scale and Government. Surveillance functions with unlimited possibilities and functions of advanced high-end technology.
Capable of integrating any solution from alarms, access control and home or office automation.

In addition to the functions available in other Digifort versions, The Enterprise version is the most Enterprising IP Surveillance Software in the world.

Digifort Enterprise is equipped with the possibility of integration of unlimited number of alarm boards, automation modules, cameras, IP filters, server status reports and even automated Backup procedures.

The IP Filter feature allows the administrator to define a list of authorized and unauthorized IPs for access to the Digifort server or servers this then controls the IP at which the user will have login rights.

The user can program times and days with suitable measures, any external access attempt to the server will be blocked, freeing only those for local access or even allowing access for all or only some of the local network's workstations.
The options, features and functions are completely endless.

Another important feature which Digifort Enterprise offers is the transmission of server functioning reports. It's possible to configure how often the report will be sent to a group of contacts that will receive the server generated reports. This report will contain all actions carried out in the system or systems by the users and the internal functioning of the servers health.

With Digifort Enterprise, you will have a the most advanced solution when it comes to digital (IP) camera surveillance with the features that are adequate for your installation and any installation, regardless how big or how small.

With a friendly and easy to use interface, installation and configuration panel. Digifort Enterprise offers the user a practical, reliable and financially accessible surveillance system.

Digifort is sold as a base system software for management with no limit on Cameras. The software comes standard with a 8 Camera licences.
For additional cameras, you need to purchase an additional Pack Licence which are listed bellow.


Pack for Management of 2 additional cameras

Pack for Management of 4 additional cameras

Pack for Management of 8 additional cameras

Pack for Management of 16 additional cameras

Pack for Management of 32 additional cameras

Pack for Management of 64 additional cameras

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