Digifort DGF-KB1000 Keyboard Controller

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Digifort Keyboard

The Digifort Keyboard controller Digifort Joystick DGF-KB1000 was developed to give greater speed and facilitate the entire operation of the Digifort surveillance client software, eliminating traditional keyboard, mouse and joysticks.
The Digifort keyboard is used with multi-uses with dual functionality and has an integrated joystick with variable speeds for pan, tilt and PTZ functions.


Camera shortcut: Show a specified camera on screen.
Virtual matrix: Send camera video to another server monitor.
Previous screen style: Select left mosaic.
Next screen style: Select the right mosaic.
Full screen: Set selected object (camera, analytic, lpr) as Full Screen.
Hide toolbar: Hide surveillance client toolbar.
Refresh: Refresh the surveillance client.
Motion detection: Toggles the use of motion detection on the surveillance client.
Mosaic: Changes mosaic.
Screenshot: Saves a quick screenshot of the selected camera.
Events: Trigger an event.
Virtual Mouse: Enables and disables the feature to control the mouse from the Keyboard Controller.

Mouse left button: Mouse left button click.
Mouse right button: Mouse right button click.
Virtual Keyboard: Open and close Digifort Virtual Keyboard.
Opening iris: Opens the selected camera's iris to increase picture brightness.
Closing iris: Closes the selected camera's iris to reduce brightness of the image.
Focus near: Adjusts clarity of focus to a nearby object.
Focus far: Adjusts sharpness of focus for distant objects or landscapes.
PTZ Block: Block and unblock PTZ features of the selected camera.
Presets: Call a preset by the index.
PTZ Patrol: Change PTZ Patrol Scheme.
Virtual PTZ: Enable and disable Virtual PTZ.
Simple PTZ: Enable and disable Simple PTZ.
Zoom out: Zoom out the selected camera.
Zoom in: Zoom in on selected cameras.
Media player: Starts the media playback.
Media player controls Start playback, selects the recording time, forwarding recording, previous recording, start and pause video playback.
Play & Pause: Start and pause the video on media player.
LCD for camera identification: Shows surveillance information.
Joystick: Move PTZ cameras.

USB Connection

No need to acquire licenses to use the Digifort Keyboard Controller all you need to do is connect one Digifort Keyboard Controller per client (PC).

Digifort Keyboard KB-1000 Specifications




Explorer v. 6.4.0 or upper
Standard v. 6.4.0 or upper
Professional v. 6.4.0 or upper
Enterprise v. 6.4.0 or upper

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