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Digiforts main focus is mobility, practicality and remote usage its most recent application for mobile devices has put a smile on many end users face.
Now supporting both of the largest mobile platforms Android, Apple & Java.

Digifort Mobile is a software developed on the Java platform for mobile devices such as cell phones, Smartphones, PDAs, etc. It makes it possible to view images of IP cameras and video servers (encoders) by anyways of mobile means.
In addition, Digifort Mobile makes it possible to activate events by ways of triggering Global events that have been configured with in the software. This can trigger relay output of IP cameras, Input / Output Boards, Automation modules in order to create an action back onsite where the Digifort Server is managing.

Easy installation and configuration with simple steps, Digifort Mobile is the ideal solution for companies and residences, where the user can view the cameras from all over the world at there own convenience day or night, control PTZ cameras, activate presets or set off events from any location.

Digifort Mobile is not an optional module of the Digifort System. You can download it from the Digifort web site for you mobile phone.

  • If you are using an Android Phone please go to the Google Play store.
  • If you are using an iPhone or iPad please go to the APP store.

Mobile devices can trigger the following events directly from you handheld deveice.

  • Activate sirens
  • Turn lights on or off
  • Open doors or gates
  • Turn on or off a water pump, motors, household equipment
  • And much more

Main Features

  • Viewing images via cell phone or any mobile device compatible with JAVA 2 ME (JAVA CLDC 1.1 / MIDP-2.0)
  • Allows connection to multiple servers
  • Allows viewing of cameras individually
  • Makes it possible to save a Screenshot (photo) of the image in the mobile device
  • Allows viewing of the image in full screen
  • Allows PTZ control
  • Allows using preset
  • Allows configuration of the viewing by resolution, image quality and frames per second (FPS)
  • Has status of bandwidth consumption in Kbytes
  • Allows activation of alarms (turn on a light, set off a siren, close a gate, etc)
  • Available in Portuguese, English and Spanish

How to install Digifort Mobile

- The mobile device must be compatible with Java 2 ME (JAVA CLDC/MIDP-2.0).
- Download the file “DigifortMobile.jar” in the Downloads session on the Digifort Website.
- Install "DigifortMobile.jar" from your downloaded folder.
- Register the Digifort Server in Digifort Mobile.
- Execute the Digifort Mobile application.
- Connect to the registered Digifort Server.

This resource is free-of-charge and is available only with Version 6.2. and up of the Digifort Software.


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