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Digifort Standard Licence Pack For 8 Additional Channels


The Digifort Standard version supplies the ideal features for the local and remote surveillance of up to 32 cameras per server and being the intermediate version of the Digifort System, it's ideal for small and mid-sized installations, as it brings together a solution of high reliability, excellent performance at a low cost.

Digifort Standard allows the use of various model vendors of IP cameras and video servers of various manufacturers, thus making possible the choice of hardware which best meets the client's needs.

Digifort Standard is recommended for those clients who need an application for up to 32 cameras at an accessible cost and with some more advanced functions such as integrated Web Server, PTZ controls, This version supports 8 simultaneous user.
Remote viewing of cameras of both your Home or Office by any form of mobile or cellular device at the click of your finger. This is includes iPhone, Android, PC, iPad, and Internet Explorer.
Also providing the users an optional choice of integration with advanced Digifort modules.

With Digifort Standard you can control your PTZ cameras by the easy use of your mouse, providing the operator with control of its features and functionality's by a simple click on the camera.

However, in the Standard version, it's not possible to use the Digifort Keyboard USB joysticks for PTZ control. This feature is available only in the Professional and Enterprise versions.

The Standard version also offers a wide range of tools for surveillance, playback, search and recording of your video streams, offering greater administration of the hardware features, security, administrative and operational facilities.

With Digifort Standard, you will have a more advanced solution for digital (IP) camera surveillance with the features that are adequate for your installation and any installation.

With a friendly and easy to use interface, installation and configuration panel. Digifort Professional offers the user a practical, reliable and financially accessible surveillance system to the end user.

Digifort Standard is sold as a base system software for management with a limit of 32 Cameras. The software comes standard with a 4 Camera licences.
For additional cameras, you need to purchase an additional Pack Licence which are listed bellow.


Pack for Management of 2 additional cameras

Pack for Management of 4 additional cameras

Pack for Management of 8 additional cameras

Pack for Management of 16 additional cameras

Standard Version software can be upgraded to a higher version (Professional or Enterprise) at a small additional cost.

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