Jamo IC610LCRFGII Custom 600 Series 10″ In-Ceiling Home Theatre LCR Single Speaker

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Jamo IC 610 LCR FG II Installation Speaker
Jamo 10 Inch LCR In-Ceiling speakers are sold individually and can be used as a Centre speaker or in Pairs for Stereo sound or for all 3 front speakers in a home theatre system (left, centre, right). Matching surround speaker IC610SURFGII available to complete your no compromise discreet high-end home theatre

The IC 610 LCR FG II provides all the performance you want in a home theater speaker, with the subtlety that lets it be heard, but not seen.

- DTT (Decoupled tweeter Technology) to eliminate unwanted vibration that colors sound.
- HCC (Hard Conical Cone) technology for clear, detailed sound with virtually no distortion.
- WaveGuide tweeter faceplate design controls sound pattern for open, dynamic sound.
- Center plug to replace traditional dust cap, for cooler, more stable sound reproduction.
- A paintable magnetic grille that attaches quickly and blends invisibly in any room.
- Adjustable impedance level allows you to adjust your speaker to the amplifier.

The IC 610 LCR FG II is a 3-way in-ceiling speaker. Part of Jamo's 600 line, these speakers are based on the best materials and the most advanced technologies available. With this unique speaker, you can create a great surround sound experience, emanating from above.

The IC 610 LCR FG II's distinctive shape and advanced technology make it the perfect choice for front, center or rear channels in a first-class home theater solution With its paintable magnetic grille, the IC610 LCR is designed to blend seamlessly into the ceiling so all you notice is the remarkably detailed, great sound.

The IC 610 LCR FG II delivers rich bass in an in-ceiling speaker from its 10-inch honeycomb woofer, crisp vocals from the 1.5-inch silk dome midrange and crystal clear reproduction of high frequencies from the 1-inch DTT silk dome tweeter.

The Jamo IC 610 LCR FG II in-ceiling loudspeaker is packed with high-performance features:

Price is per speaker

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