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MINIX NEO A2 Video Review

2.4GHz Wireless AirMouse

NEO A2 is an all-in-one air mouse capable of fulfilling an array of functions, with its ergonomically designed keyboard, six-axis gyroscope & accelerometer support, multi-media playback buttons and built-in microphone and speaker – delivering the ultimate air mouse package.

Six-axis Gyroscope & Accelerometer

NEO A2 exploits the latest six-axis gyroscope & accelerometer technology to deliver superior accuracy and control.

Built-in Microphone & Speaker

NEO A2 also includes a built-in microphone and speaker, specifically designed to work with Skype, Lync and other VoIP services. NEO A2 removes the need for costly separate microphone and speakers; instead everything is conveniently built-in to this compact air mouse.

Multi-OS Support

NEO A2 is compatible with the entire MINIX NEO Series – NEO X5 mini, X5, X6, X7 mini, X7, X8 Plus, X8-H Plus – in addition to all popular OS platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux.

*Key Functions

LED INDICATORS - There are 3 LED indicators on the control; The first indicates power, the second detects whether audio is available, and the third indicates if the audio function is active.

SPEAKER - At the top there is a small slot for the speaker.
POWER BUTTON - This key can switch off the MINIX NEO Series devices.
MUTE - Mutes audio.
RECENT APPLICATIONS - Displays the list of last used applications on the system.
ANDROID MENU - Shows the application menu.
HOME - Brings you back to the Android Homepage.
BUTTON CONTROL - In the middle there is a directional pad and the central Android button mouse works as a  left click / 'OK' button.
BACK - Android back button.
ENTER - key keyboard intro.
FUNCTION - Use this button to activate gyro mode and air-mouse.
MAIN MENU - Between the both volume keys is the main menu button, which works with certain applications menu.
VOLUME - / + - to increase/decrease the system volume.
PLAYBACK CONTROLS - Rewind, pause and  fast-forward whilst playing content.
MICROPHONE - At the bottom there is a small slot for the microphone.

*Special Features

To activate special functions you need to hold both the FN key and another key:

FN - Function key, to activate controls and orange characters.

FN + ">" - Disables audio.
FN + "ENTER" - Command changes the orientation , vertical or horizontal,important for gaming.
FN + "P" - Re-synchronize command.
FN + "Y" - Re-position the gyroscope feature.
FN + "UP / DOWN ARROWS" - Scroll up and down when reading pages.

*Power Saving Hints

We recommend using Alkaline batteries, to prolong the battery life when using the NEO A2.
Remember to disable the gyroscope function when not in use.
Disable the audio feature (built-in microphone and speaker) when not in use, ensure that 'Sound Output Devices' settings is set to RK29_RT5616.
You are advised to unplug the NEO A2 USB receiver from your MINIX box when it's not in use.
MINIX NEO A2 Awarded Gold by GadgetGear.NL

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