VCA VCA-4ch-Licence Video Content Analytics Licence Pack for 4 Additional Channel

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Digifort VCA - Video Content Analytics Licence Pack for 4 Additional Channel

Digifort Analytics VCA module possess powerful video analysis that used together, will allow the monitoring even more efficient and intelligent, helping operators to achieve a higher rate of accidents in the capture and detecting events during life scenarios.

Included modules in the VCA Analysis Package:


    • Object Counting: The counter module allows that different objects, with different characteristics such as size and speed could be counted as different types. This way you can get reports from different periods.


  • Abandoned Objects: You can trigger an alarm when na object is left in any configured virtual zone.



  • Removed object: You can mark an object and trigger alarms if it is removed from the site



  • Face Detection: Allows that all captured faces be filed in a database for further research and reporting.



  • Loitering: Allows an alarm to be triggered when a person, car, animal or other pre-registered classification flows in a virtual area for a certain set time.



  • Camera tampering: The tampering module allows that an alarm be triggered when the camera is attacked, the alarm is detected by camera movement, focus, brightness change, obstruction and vandalism. You can set a percentage level of obstruction to fire alarms and whether the alarm should be triggered by a change of lighting.



  • Virtual Fence: Allows you to track virtual barriers that could trigger alarms if they are exceeded.



  • Speed Detection: Allows alarms can be triggered from a configurable speed of objects in the scene.



  • Stopped objects: Allow alarms to be triggered when a car, person, animal or other pre-registered classification stop for a specified time in a virtual area.
  • Direction Control: Allows alarms to be generated in the possible scenarios: objects that come into a virtual area, objects that leave a virtual area, objects that appear within a virtual area and objects that disappear within a virtual area.
  • Filter by Object: Any Advanced Analytical configuration allows that after the object classes registration, any alarm will be triggered only by a defined object type, as cars, people, etc...
  • Camera trepidation canceling: The Advanced Analytical provides that if the camera is in an environment that has trepidation, internally cancel the interference in the analytical analysis.
  • Distributed Processing: Allows the analytical processing is balanced between multiple servers using the client-server architecture. Load balancing allows for flexibility when necessary expansion of the system of video analysis.
  • Configuration by 3D Grid: The analysis module allows the configuration of the measures of the scenario is facilitated by a 3D grid for easy handling. This Grid can work in metric units (meters) or imperial unit (North American Standard).
  • VCA-Classification
  • Object Classes Registration: The Advanced Analytical provides a pre-registration of objects to be detected by size and speed.
  • Research-Reporting
  • Research and Reporting: All events generated in the video analysis modules can be searched via records with the opportunity to seek your footage on NVR system. The module lets you generate reports from any event in analytical format Lines, Bars and Pizza. You can set advanced filters by Date / Time, Camera, Zones, Types of event and object types in the research and event reports.
  • VCA-SmartEdge
  • Live surveillance: The analytical allows surveillance shows the following options: Areas and virtual lines configured, show the object rectangle, display area in meters or imperial measurement of the object, object traces of the movement, classification of objects, display height of the objects, speed of the objects, display counters with the current index scores (which enables the counters to be resetted together or separately on the screen).


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