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Home Security

Secure Your Home Security & Family

House Security Thief

home security systemsUntil now home security camera systems have been out of the reach of families and small business  due to cost.

Retailers have offered budget systems but the quality has been less than acceptable. Digital systems brings to the Australian market technologies used by government and security agencies at a price families and small business can afford. Traditionally, cameras were monitored by a watchman 24 hours per day. Now you can record video footage for weeks at a time, going back should the need arise.

The technology today can send you an e-mail if movement is detected at your home or business. Furthermore. your camera will send your an e-mail once your kids arrive home from school. Parents have told us that they monitor their kids from work in the morning to ensure they leave home for school on time.

Domestic Safety
A small business owner who owns a few restaurants views his restaurant through his iPad, if a restaurant is understaffed he transfers staff to assist. Other small businesses record their warehouse areas to ensure they have video records of goods received and dispatched, as a result they have had a significant reduction in asset loss.



home security break in

Digital Systems partner with accredited installers to assist you in design,  installation and integration of your existing alarm system.